About us

Flower Moon Clinic was founded in year 2015.
They are a team of experienced bilingual TCM physicians, nurses and IBCLCs, who work together with other western medicine healthcare professionals, including Breast Specialist, Physiotherapist, General Practitioners etc.

It is the 1st and only TCM clinic in Singapore focusing on breastfeeding and confinement related issues.

The team has grown stronger over the past 7 years, and the types of TCM treatments provided have been broaden to
Pain management,
Children wellness,
Stroke rehabilitation,
Rejuvenation Facial Acupuncture
Health optimization for couples who want to have a baby etc.

TCM Lactation Treatment -click here

The TCM lactation treatment could solve the common problems that breastfeeding mums often encounter:

  • No milk or insufficient milk production
  • Breast engorgement
  • Mastitis
  • Flat or inverted nipple
  • Latching on related issue
  • Ablactation
  • Weaning challenges

TCM lactation treatment are also for special cases as below:

  • Granulomatous mastitis 肉芽肿性乳腺炎
  • Non-lactating mastitis 非哺乳乳腺炎
  • Menstrual Cramp is also known as period pain, period cramp or Dysmenorrhea.
  • It is the cramping pains at the lower abdomen that occurs just before and during menstrual periods for some women. Menstrual Cramp might cause some women to feel nausea, fatigue, abdomen pain, headache, dizziness, not able to rest well, etc.
  • TCM Physician will  assess and decide the category of  TCM diagnosis that a female patient might fall under in order to prescribe treatment plan.

San Jiu Herbal Plaster Treatment 2022 (once a year)

San Jiu 三九贴

-Suitable for those having sensitive nose, frozen shoulder, menses cramps,
sweaty palm, cold hands, feet or stomach.

-22nd Dec 2022 to 26th Jan 2023 (upto 4 sessions)
-Book before 10 Dec 2022 via whatsapp @ 82828647

You can find out more about San Jiu Herbal Plaster Treatment here: