Benefits of Breastfeeding

a) 4.3% reduction in breast cancer per 12 months of breastfeeding [1]

b) Reduce nearly 60% risk of getting premenopausal breast cancer  with a family history of breast cancer [2]

c) HAMLET (breastmilk protein a-lactalbumin complex) play a role in protection of the breast from cancer cells [3]

Breastfeeding isn’t just about the baby

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth.”- Pamela K.Wiggins

Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world and the most common cancer among women. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.【4】

PREVENTION is always better than cure.

The Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer (2002) examined 47 epidemiological studies from 30 countries and concluded, The longer women breastfeed the more they are protected against breast cancer.

Breastfeeding is an action women can take to reduce their breast cancer risk while many other factors such as having family history are not modifiable.

Facing challenge in breastfeeding?

Since breastfeeding has been shown to reduce breast cancer, why not take advantage of it while you can?

If you are facing any difficulties during your breastfeeding journey, we are with you. Whatsapp us @ 8282 8647 for appointment booking.

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