Customised TCM Confinement Herbs

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine confinement?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes it is important to replenish a woman’s loss of blood during the birth process because if left unaddressed, this fragility welcomes a myriad of long term health problems. Therefore, it is a common practice in TCM by taking herbs for nourishment for at least one month to allow total recovery of the woman’s body.

Shall I have tonic diet immediately after delivery?

People usually believed that a tonic diet is needed timely for a mum after delivery due to excessive bleeding and weakness. Actually immediately use of some herbs after delivery are not beneficial to the mum, but even give trouble. Every postpartum mum’s condition is vary, so “one set for all” herbal package is definitely not a wise choice.

Our TCM physicians provide consultations for the mum during the confinement month, and prescribe customized Chinese herbal soup base on assessment of the mum.

Why customised TCM confinement herb is preferred?

Due to differences in body constitutions and labour process, a generic one-size-fits-all herbal package may not be most ideal for all mummies as the use of certain herbs after delivery may cause more harm than good.

Therefore we provide a detailed TCM assessment and customised TCM confinement herbs that are tailored to each mummies’ individual needs.

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine confinement herbs customisation

Our customised TCM confinement herbs are tailored to help accelerate mother’s recovery after delivery.

They consist of Chinese herbs targeted towards specific functions like dispelling “wind” from the body, quelling heatiness, boosting blood circulation, improve let-down reflex, increase mummy’s milk supply, revitalizing strength, etc.

Confinement herbs also helps to prevent postnatal mastitis, backaches, rheumatism and other ailments associated with post-delivery.

Who is suitable?

Mummies are encouraged to seek a consultation with our TCM physicians once they are discharged, so that herbs are customised based her body constitution.

How to book an appointment for TCM confinement herbs customisation?

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Three key periods to improve women’s body constitution

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that women have three key periods to improve their body constitution: menarche (a girl’s first menses), pregnancy and childbirth and menopause. Amongst them, the most important period during pregnancy and childbirth is “confinement”.

Mothers exert a lot of physical strength and vitality during the birth process; therefore after giving birth, confinement is done for recuperating purposes and to allow the body to recover fully. Hence, diet and nutrition are very important during this critical period.

According to the four diagnosis methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, confinement should be customised according to each body constitution, focusing on achieving the balance between yin and yang in the body. For example, moms with weak and cold constitutions need to include more warming foods while moms with hot and dry constitutions need a yin-nourishing diet plan.

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