Service Overview

Flower Moon Dampness Removal Slimming treatment is catered to a common issue faced by many ladies in Singapore – Dampness.

Our climate here in Singapore is hot and damp all-year round, resulting in many of us having varying degrees of dampness in our body. Adding on our diet of heavy, rich and spicy food together with cold drinks like iced coffee, tea and our favorite – bubble tea! All these contribute to accumulation of dampness in the body. 

Some common symptoms of dampness in the body are:

fatigue, sluggishness or heaviness of limbs, poor appetite, bloated stomach, indigestion, gain weight easily, loose or sticky stool, thick white coating on the tongue etc. For some, it can even result in weight gain. In TCM, dampness is one of the pathologic factors that are hardest to remove from the body, often leading to long term or chronic conditions. Hence the start of this treatment to effectively relieve dampness from the body of our patients. 

Service Details 

At the start of each session, the physician will conduct a TCM consultation with you. The physician can then craft a suitable treatment plan and advise you on lifestyle changes if applicable. It helps you to understand your body better and learn how to improve your condition. 

During the treatment course, acupuncture will be done to improve qi and blood flow, targeting acupoints on the body that encourage water metabolism to relieve dampness.This is followed by a series of treatments including cupping, meridian brush and modernized moxibustion together with herbal oils and essences that continue to facilitate removal of dampness from the body.

Service Audience

All ladies who have dampness in the body, excluding pregnant moms.


  • Relieve dampness
  • Improve digestion 
  • Reduce bloating
  • Relieve fatigue 
  • Tighten abdomen and prevent weight gain
  • Improve overall body constitution

Service Duration

60 – 90mins per session

Terms and conditions

The treatment course includes:

a) TCM Consultation

b) 2 x Acupuncture/ Acpuressure

c) Cupping

d) Meridian brush

e) Moxibustion 

Additional charges will be applied for any additional treatments needed.

All services are by appointments only.

Please Whatsapp 8282 8647 to fix an appointment.


What is dampness and what causes dampness?

Dampness is a condition of imbalance that results from having too much moisture in the body. This happens when the body is unable to remove excess moisture from the body due to various reasons and factors. When this excess moisture accumulates in the body and results in dampness, it will give rise to various symptoms such as but not limited to those listed above.

Some factors that contribute to dampness in the body are environmental, innate body constitution and condition of your internal organs, and finally diet. Environmental factors would be the climate and weather we live in here in Singapore, constantly in an environment with excess humidity. Innate body constitution is what we are born with, which can affect how our body reacts and removes excess moisture from the body, which also applies to the condition of our internal organs, especially our spleen and stomach organs that are in charge of digestion and metabolism of water in the body. Finally, a diet excessive in heavy and rich foods are difficult to digest and can directly result in dampness in the body.

How does this treatment help? 

This whole treatment course consists of various TCM treatment modalities that are tailored to each patient by the attending physician. The treatments target specific acupoints and areas on the body to help remove dampness from the body and achieve a slimming and body-shaping effect. If necessary, physicians can also couple the treatment course with suitable oral medication tailored to each person’s body condition, improving and maintaining the effects of this treatment.

How often should I come for treatment?

For the best effects, it is recommended for treatment to be done 2-3 times a week, with each treatment no more than 3 days apart from the previous session. This helps to maintain and improve the effects of the treatment on the body. However, each person’s treatment plan is still subject to their attending physician’s discretion and advice on what is most suitable.