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Who is EMMA?

EMMA stands for “Expert Manipulative Massage Automation”.

EMMA is developed by AiTreat. 

EMMA perform the therapeutic massage using its finger to acupoint using Artificial Intelligence.


How EMMA works?

EMMA is equipped with sensors to measure muscle stiffness and uses 3D vision technology to analyze the patient’s body. This data can enhance patient’s understanding of the condition and allow physicians to make more precise judgment as well.

Following that, the robot will determine the best course of action for  patients based on the information stored by Artificial Intelligence and EMMA will perform the therapeutic massage using its finger to acupoint.

Is EMMA safe?

Patient’s Safety is  utmost importance factor in EMMA development. AiTreat has devoted resources to enhance the patient’s safety. Besides having multiple layers of safety mechanisms in EMMA  hardware and software, AiTreat have developed proprietary technology and algorithm in addition to the existing global safety standards for collaborative robots.

The force exerted by EMMA has been limited to a maximum of 100 Newtons – an impact that will feel no more painful than getting struck by a lift door (commonly 150 Newtons). Patients can rest assure that the typical force applied during massages only ranges from between 20 Newtons to 80 Newtons, with 60 Newtons with an optimal experience.