The last date of selling FM Gen Card is on 31 Dec 2022.

Patients who have bought the FM Gen Card previously can still use it until the expiry date.

FM Gen Card is also called Flower Moon General Card.

It is a membership identification code, created for patients who come to Flower Moon Clinic for general TCM consultation and treatments.

This card can be purchased at $88 at Flower Moon Clinic and it is valid for ONE year from the date of purchase.

To help ease the stress of inflation, all Flower Moon patients only need to pay $10 consultation charge for general condition with FM Gen Card.

(The original consultation charge is $50 to $80.)

From 5 Oct 2022 onwards, patient can choose to get one of the items below (worth $88 or $90) when they purchase the FM Gen Card:

-1 box Nano Pad  (worth $88)

-1 bundle of 2 boxes Prebiotics Fruit Fiber  (worth $88)

-1 box Beauty Sleep (Li Mian)  (worth $88)

-1 box Kidney Tonic Drink (Yuan Qi)  (worth $88)

-1 packet Ginseng capsules (30 capsules)  (worth $90)


  • FM Gen Card CAN be used for Tele-consultation (less than 15 minutes) for existing patient.
  • FM Gen Card CANNOT be used together with any other package (e.g. VIP or VVIP package).
  • FM Gen Card CANNOT be used for House Call Case.
  • Full consultation fee will be charged for breast related / lactation treatment.
  • Full consultation fee will be charged if a patient selects his / her preferred TCM Physician.
  • FM Gen Card purchased BEFORE 5 Oct 2022 can be shared among family members and friends until expiry date.
  • FM Gen Card purchased AFTER 5 Oct 2022 is only valid to individual patient.

What are the example of general TCM treatments?

FM Gen Card can be used for the general TCM treatments  below.

Click the links for details.

中医综合护理 TCM General Care

中医备孕 TCM Pregnancy Preparation

中医儿科 TCM Pediatric Care