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Premium Panax Ginseng by Bing Han

Flower Moon Clinic is the distributor of  Premium Panax Ginseng that is manufactured by Bing Han (established since 1991).

Feel tired?
Cannot focus?

Try Premium Panax Ginseng that is manufactured by Bing Han (established since 1991).



  • Q: What are the benefits of Ginseng?

    A: Improve body energy, stronger immunity and anti-aging.

  • Q: Who is suitable to take Ginseng?

    A: Everyone is suitable to take ginseng. Stop taking if a person  is having flu or during menstruation. In addition, pregnant  women and breastfeeding mummies should consume ginseng with caution or consult physician before consuming it.

  • Q: How many years of Ginseng to reach optimal maturity?

    A: 6 years or more. Bing Han Premium Panax Ginseng  is 6 years ginseng.

  • Q: What are the optimal growing conditions for ginseng?

    A: Bing Han grow its ginseng for six long years in 4000-acre high in the ChangBai Mountain, in the virgin soils of a UNESCO protected preserve in Shanghai. In this rare microclimate, the ginseng receives the exact right blend of moisture, soil nutrients, and growing conditions.  Every two years, the ginseng plants are rotated to a different plot of land in order to maximize their nutrient density. Bing Han’s  ginseng is grown organically and sustainably. Bing Han fertilize the soil with pine trees and allow it to lay fallow for 10 to 15 years before replanting it.

  • Q: Which part of ginseng is used?

    A: Bing Han use the whole root including the “head”, “skin”, and “beard”, because each of these parts contains active components with health benefits. Bing Han process the ginseng in  GMP and ISO certified plans in Taiwan, using a low temperature drying method that preserves the maximum number of active natural components.  

  • After taking Ginseng, how long apart is needed before breastfeeding?

    A:Can breastfeeding immediately even after taking ginseng.

How Bing Han Ginseng is grown and curated?

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Where can I buy the premium panax ginseng capsules?

If you need Premium Panax Ginseng , please click here to contact Flower Moon Clinic via whatsapp at +65-82828647.