Hero Tea 英雄茶

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Suitable for person with any of the body constitution below:

  • Overuse of the brain 用脑过度
  • Long stay up late 长期熬夜
  • Feel tired easily 易疲劳
  • Hearing capability reduced or tinnitus 听力下降或耳鸣
  • Urine no color 小便清长
  • Urine frequently  尿频
  • Urine dripping at the end of passing urine 小便余沥不尽
  • Urine at night  frequently 夜尿频多
  • Drink water then need to go toilet urgently 喝水后急需上厕所
  • Sweat easily without much movement 无需多动便出汗
  • Lower back pain 腰痛
  • Knee pain 膝痛
  • Heel pain足跟痛
  • Hair fall easily 脱发明显
  • Hair turn white early 头发 早白

Benefit of the tea bag:

Warm and nourish Kidney to improve body constitution with any of the conditions above.  



Instruction of preparing the tea:

  1. Put a tea bag into a mug.
  2. Add boiling water to soak for  20 minutes.
  3. Enjoy while it is warm.
  4. Top up hot water as needed.
  5. One tea bag a day.
  6. Can add black sugar if prefer sweeter taste.


  1. 将茶包放入杯子中。
  2. 加入沸水浸泡20分钟。
  3. 趁热享用。
  4. 可反复冲泡数次。
  5. 一天一茶包。
  6. 如果喜欢更甜的味道可以加黑糖。

Ingredients 成份:

  • Epimedium Herb 淫羊藿
  • South Dodder Seed 菟丝子
  • Rubus Suavissimus (Chinese sweet leaf) 甜菊
  • No sugar added 无添加糖