Menstrual Cramp TCM Treatment Singapore

What is Menstrual Cramp?

Menstrual Cramp is also known as  period pain, period cramp or Dysmenorrhea.

It is the cramping pains at the lower abdomen that occurs just before and during menstrual periods for some women.

Menstrual Cramp might cause some women to feel nausea, fatigue, abdomen pain, headache, dizziness, not able to rest well, etc.

Question: Is it normal to have period pain?

Answer: Period pain is N O T normal!

How can TCM help in Menstrual Cramp Treatment?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are several diagnoses for painful menses but the most common are qi stagnation, blood stasis, damp-heat, cold, blood deficiency and kidney qi deficiency.

  • Qi stagnation causes a dull achy pain and people with qi stagnation also often complain of PMS symptoms.
  • Blood stasis causes sharp stabbing pain and is accompanied by dark menstrual blood with clots.
  • Damp-heat causes hypogastric pain before the period and sometimes during mid-cycle with a burning sensation extending to the sacrum and excessive discharge.
  • Cold causes lower abdominal pain before or after the period and is relieved by the application of heat.
  • Blood deficiency causes a dull pain that is worse towards the end of the period or after the period is over.
  • Kidney Qi deficiency causes a dull pain that is often accompanied with lower backache.

TCM Physician will assess and decide the category of TCM diagnosis that a female patient might fall under in order to prescribe treatment plan.

How to make appointment?

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