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Nano Pad Blue with MicrochipNano Pad BlackNano Pad Blue without Microchip
With Microchip implant for targeted acupoint pain relieve.With Microchip implant for targeted acupoint pain relieve.Without Microchip implant.
Color will  be changed during heat generation.Color will not be changed during heat generation.Color will  be changed during heat generation.
Faster heat generation compared to Nano Pad Black.Slower heat generation compared to Nano Pad Blue.Faster heat generation compared to Nano Pad Black.
Seal provided for storage.Seal provided for storage.Cloth bag provided for storage.
This product can be re-used for 3 to 6 months (based on 5 to 45 minutes per time and 2 times per day). Each time 15 to 20 minutes.1 to 2 times per day.Can be re-used at least 80 times.This product can be re-used for 3 to 6 months (based on 5 to 45 minutes per time and 2 times per day). 

Main components 主要成分

The material of Nano pad is silicone rubber imported from Indonesia. The far-infrared powder, negative ion powder, more than 30 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials and more than 40 kinds of trace elements are injected into the silicone rubber sheet through laser nanotechnology.

Nano pad的材质是印度尼西亚进口硅橡胶,通过镭射纳米技术把远红外粉、负离子粉、30多种中药材,以及40多种微量元素注入硅橡胶片内。

Efficacy 功效:

  • Relieve pain缓解疼痛
  • Increase blood flow rate; improve body microcirculation增加血液流速;改善身体微循环
  • Increase the balance of the human body; improve the function of sports organs增加人体平衡性;提高运动器官机能
  • Exhaust dampness and cold from the body; trigger a warming effect in the body排出体内湿寒;引发人体温热效应
  • Improve quality of life; relieve joint pain提高生活质量;缓解关节酸痛
  • Promote cell regeneration; repair element disorder cell magnetic field促进细胞再生;修复素乱细胞磁场
  • Promote muscle firmness; delay cell aging促进肌肉紧致;延缓细胞衰老

Suitable to适用于:

  • Person who need pain management 需要疼痛管理的人
  • Person who has poor blood circulation 血液循环不好的人
  • White-collar workers (work overtime continuously in the sedentary office, sore waist and leg numbness) 白领(久坐办公室连续加班,腰酸腿麻)
  • Stay in air conditioner room for a long time (people who drink iced drinks, cold body in nature, physical fatigue) 长时间吹空调(喝冰饮人群,体质虚寒,身体乏力)
  • Middle-aged elderly (blocked meridian, rheumatic joint pain) 中老年人(经络不通,风湿关节痛)
  • People who live irregularly (long-term staying up all night, overdraft). 生活不规律人群(长期熬夜,身体透支)
  • Long-term laborer (lumbar muscle strain, joint pain) 长期务工劳务人员(腰肌劳损,关节疼痛)
  • Head down group (playing with mobile phones for a long time, shoulder pain) 低头族(长时间玩手机,肩颈酸痛)
  • People with dysmenorrhea (cold hands and feet, stomach pain) 宫寒痛经人群(手脚冰冷,肚了痛胀)
  • People with poor sleep and insomnia (mental weakness, listlessness) 睡眠不好失眠人群(无精打采)
  • Drivers (maintain the same posture for a long time, waist, shoulders, cervical spine strain) 开车族(长期保持,个姿势,腰部,肩膀,颈椎劳损)

Caution 注意事项:

  • People with allergies, allergy tests should be done if necessary过敏体质的,必要时应做过敏测试
  • Use with caution in children and pregnant women儿童,孕妇慎用.
  • Stop using if have any discomfort.  如有任何不适,请暂停使用.
  • Nano pad is not recommended for Cancer patient. Nano pad will not help in healing cancer. 不建议癌症患者使用Nano Pad。Nano pad无助于治愈癌症。

Packaging 包装:

1 piece per box 每盒1件

Specification 规格:

11-12cm x 11-12cm / 贴 piece

Storage method储存方法:

Store at room temperature indoors.室内常温保存。

Instructions 使用方法

1. Apply the smooth surface of the Nano Pad on the skin where you need it, and the degree of heat is subject to the body’s tolerance. 将Nano Pad 光滑面 敷于需要部位肌肤上,热度以人体的承受度为准.

2.1 Use Nano pad Blue for 5 to 45 minutes each time. 每次使用蓝色的Nanopad5到 45分钟。It is ok to use it more than 45 minutes as long you can withstand the heat.只要你能承受热,使用超过45分钟是可以的.


2.2 Use Nano pad Black for 15 to 20 minutes each time. 每次使用黑色的Nanopad15到 20分钟。It is ok to use it more than 20 minutes as long you can withstand the heat.只要你能承受热,使用超过20分钟是可以的.

3. It is recommended to use it once a day in the morning and evening, and use it several times according to the symptoms. It is s best to use it before going to bed. 建议每天早晚各使用使用一次,根据症状多次使用,其l中一次在临睡前使用效果更佳.

Note 注意:

After removing Nano Pad, need to wait for 2 hours then can shower.取出Nanopad后,需要等待2小时才能淋浴。

Recommended use it after shower. 建议淋浴后使用。

Do not apply Nano pad 2 hours before bathing, because after applying Nano pad, the meridian skin microcirculation is opened and it is easy to get moisture. There is no need to worry about burning the skin if you have a warm feeling. The warm feeling is due to the cell resonance caused by the far-infrared biomagnetism, which produces a feeling of friction and heat generation from the inside to the outside. 洗澡前2小时不要贴,因贴后经脉皮肤微循环打通状态,易进入湿气。 有热辣感觉不用担心灼伤皮肤,其恒温是因远红外生物磁电引起细胞共振,产生由内而外的摩擦生热感觉而已。

Do not apply on broken skin. 不要敷在破损的皮肤上。

Nanopad will shrink gradually after use. Nanopad 使用后会逐渐缩小。

How to clean if the Nano pad is dirty after use? Nano pad用后脏了怎么清洗?

If it is dirty, rinse it with water and use a cloth tapping it to air dry. 如果脏了,请用水冲洗,然后用布轻拍使其风干。

How long can this product be re-used? 该产品可以重复使用多久?

Nano Pad Blue can be re-used for 3 to 6 months (based on 5 to 45 minutes per time and 2 times per day). 蓝色的Nanopad可重复使用3至6个月(按每次5至45分钟,每天2次计算)。

Nano Pad Black can be re-used for at least 80 times (based on15 to 20 minutes per time). 黑色的Nanopad可重复使用至少80次(按每次15至20分钟)。

Reaction During Application 贴时反应

Reaction 反应Symptoms症状 (During Application 贴时)
Heat up fast 热得快There are more toxins in the body, acupuncture points and  meridians are blocked. 体内毒素较多,穴位及经络已堵塞
Heat up slowly 热得慢The body has heavy chillness, acupuncture points and meridians are blocked.体内寒气较重,穴位及经络已堵塞
Warm heat 温热Relatively normal, acupuncture points and meridians have been slightly blocked. 较为正常, 穴位及经络已出现轻微堵塞的现象
Sting heat 刺热Acupuncture points and meridians have been blocked for a long time. 穴位及经络已出现堵塞较长的时间
Scorching heat 灼热Acupuncture points and meridians are very severely blocked and blood dryness. 穴位及经络堵塞非常严重及血燥
No feeling 没感觉Cold dampness congestion of acupuncture points and meridians is particularly serious. 穴位及经络寒湿淤堵特别严重

Skin Reaction After Application 贴后皮肤反应

Skin Reaction 皮肤反应Symptoms 症状 (After Application 贴后)
Skin is Red 皮肤发红Body circulation is slightly weak. 体内循环较弱
Water Droplets 有水珠Heavy body chilliness.体内湿寒气较重
Small Itchy Rashes 小疹子(痒)Blood dryness & affected by wind entering the body. 体内血燥及受风严重
Large Pores 毛孔粗大 “Qi” flow inside the body is weak. 体内气的循环较弱
No feeling 没什么反应Body general condition is weak. 体内较虛弱

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