What is nasal herbal steam?

Nasal herbal steam is one of the external treatment methods of TCM (中医外治法).

As we know, children may not be very cooperative in taking medicine!

External treatment methods then become a great and efficient tool in our treatment of pediatric conditions.

We have a whole variety of external treatment methods, and in this video, we will talk about nasal herbal steam!

This herbal steam machine vaporises a herbal formula prescribed by our TCM physicians.

The vapour or steam is then breathed in through the nose for the treatment.

Click here to view the video about Nasa Herbal Steam.

Who is suitable for nasal herbal steam?

This method is often used to manage common conditions of our respiratory system.

The herbs chosen for such purposes are often able to clear the lungs, resolve phlegm, or even to relieve coughing.

Everyone’s condition may be different, but with this, our TCM physicians can customize the formula according to your needs,

and the medicine can be taken in through nasal steam instead of consuming orally.

During the nasal herbal steam, we can even do paediatric tuina concurrently.

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