Ms Wong Ying Xin

Senior TCM Physician


  • Licensed TCM Physician (Singapore)

Main Clinical Interests in TCM:

  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Pre and post-natal care
  • Postpartum pain management
  • Gynecology issues such as menstrual irregularities
  • Pediatric conditions

Brief Professional Background:

Physician Wong Ying Xin is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Singapore. She holds double Bachelor’s degrees in Biomedical Science from Nanyang Technological University and Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. During her studies and clinical practice, she received tutelage from various TCM physicians in China and Singapore, focusing on gynecology, pre and post-natal care, and pediatrics. This experience has cultivated her strong interest in providing comprehensive care in these areas to her patients.

Having personally experienced pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery, and caring for a newborn, Physician Wong empathetically understands the challenges mothers face during these stages. In her clinical practice, she leverages the advantages of TCM in pre and post-natal treatments to benefit mothers. In addition to mainstream healthcare treatments, mothers can seek advice and treatment from TCM to address their other needs.

Children’s health and developmental growth are also significant concerns for parents. In her clinical encounters, Physician Wong has observed numerous pediatric health issues that parents face. She employs TCM treatments and dietary therapy to address these common pediatric conditions, offering TCM as an alternative approach to pediatric care.

Physician Wong is also a part-time lecturer at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of TCM pediatric care and gynecology through lectures and social media, aiming to enhance awareness of TCM healthcare practices for children and women. She has previously served as the Director of Academic Affairs at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivering lectures on various TCM subjects. Additionally, she has participated in TCM research, striving to make TCM treatment more evidence-based. Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Internal Medicine under the tutelage of a professor from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Achievements and Accolades:

  • Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), Nanyang Technological University
  • Bachelor of Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)