Prebiotics fruit fiber (You Jian)

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Suitable for to those 适合人群

  • Like to eat deep fried or oily food 喜欢吃油炸或油腻的食物。
  • Like to eat carbohydrates food 喜欢吃碳水化合物的食物。
  • Have to eat for socializing but belly is getting bigger 应酬交际,不得不吃,小肚子日渐凸显。
  • Working overtime and feel hungry if don’t take supper 加班不吃宵夜会饿。
  • Like to relieve stress by eating 喜欢通过吃来缓解压力。

Efficacy 功效:

  • Block the absorption of 90% oil from food 阻断 90%油脂的吸收
  • Block the absorption of 30% starch from food 阻断 30%淀粉的吸收

Instruction 说明:

  • Take 1 piece at a time, 1 to 2 pieces a day.
  • You can choose to eat it before or after lunch and dinner every day.
  • 一次服用 1 片,每天 1 至 2 片。
  • 您可以选择每天午餐和晚餐之前或之后吃。

Net weight 净含量:

20 g ( 1g x 20 tablets 片)

Manufacturing date 生产日期(YYYYMMDD):

 See packaging 见包装

Expiry date 保质期:

18 months from manufacturing date. 自生产之日起 18 个月。

Why is it that the oil can be discharged at the beginning of using the product but not after a week of continuous use?

There are 2 types of oil discharge from taking the product

Type 1 Obvious to the naked eye

Type 2 The oil droplets are very small mixed in the stool which is not obvious to the naked eye which is called oily stool

Most people are in the first situation (Type 1 at the beginning of taking it. As their body gradually adapts to the ingredients, some people will
become the second type.

At the same time, a small number of people have good intestinal adaptability and expel oily stools from the beginning, which is not obvious
to the naked eye This does not mean that there is no effect while discharging oil, it will not embarrass and cause inconvenience to life so
don’t stop using it because you can’t see it with the naked eye.

In addition, people who usually pay more attention to intestinal health will not have unhealthy diets themselves so even if they experience food
containing oil, they will not consume as much oil as ordinary people.
Continue to eat, oily bowel movements are also very good.

 Main components 主要成分:

  • Resistant dextrin (water-soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2), 抗性糊精(水溶膳食纤维Fibersol-2) 
  • Compound prebiotics (galacto-oligosaccharides, soybean oligosaccharides) 复合益生元(低聚半乳糖,大豆低聚糖)
  • White Kidney Bean Flour 白芸豆粉
  • Enoki mushroom powder 金针菇粉
  • Compound fruit and vegetable powder (apple, orange, grape, banana, pineapple, strawberry, spinach and sweet potato leaves) 复合果蔬粉(苹果,柳橙,葡萄,香蕉,菠萝,草莓,菠菜番薯叶)
  • Erythritol  赤藓糖醇
  • Food additives (magnesium stearate) 食品添加剂(硬脂酸镁)

Composition analysis成分解析:

  • Galacto-oligosaccharide milk低聚半糖乳:promote the activity of 8 beneficial bacteria in the human intestine 促进人体肠内8大有益菌活性
  • Soy oligosaccharides 大豆低聚糖:Promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate excretion and protect intestinal mucosa 促进肠蠕动,加速排泄与保护肠黏膜
  • White Kidney Bean Flour 白芸豆粉:A compound glycoprotein is a blocker of starch absorption 一种复合糖蛋白是淀粉吸收的阻断剂
  • Enoki mushroom powder 金针菇粉:Enoki (Flammulina velutipes) contains a variety of functional proteins, which have the function of accelerating metabolism and can enhance the body’s immunity 金针菇中含多种功能性蛋白,具有加速代谢的功能能够增强机体的免疫力

Compound prebiotics 复合益生元:

  • Immunomodulatory effect 免疫调节作用
  • Reduce serum cholesterol content and prevent cardiovascular disease 降低血清胆固醇含量和预防心血管疾病
  • Promote nutrient absorption 促进营养物质吸
  • Maintain the balance of the intestinal flora 维持肠道内菌群平衡

Erythritol  赤藓糖醇:

  • Natural low calorie functional sugar substitute.天然低热量功能性糖替代品。
  • Mainly produced by glucose fermentation, it has a refreshing sweet taste and low sweetness, only 60-70 %of sucrose. 主要由葡萄糖发酵生产,具有清爽的甜味和低甜度,仅为蔗糖的60 -70 %。
  • It gives the refreshing taste, and the calories are only one tenth of that of sucrose. 口感清爽,热量仅为蔗糖的十分之一。
  • It is not broken down by human enzymes and does not participate in sugar metabolism.不被人体酶分解,不参与糖代谢 。

Resistant dextrin  抗性糊精

  • In addition to increasing the amount of fiber in food, resistant dextrin also has the characteristics of providing long lasting calories, so it has the potential effect on weight control.抗性糊精除了能增加食物中的纤维含量外,还具有提供持久热量的特点,因此对控制体重具有潜在作用。
  • Resistant dextrin has low blood sugar content and long heat release time. 抗性糊精血糖含量低,放热时间长。
  • Good for intestinal health & weight control.  有益于肠道健康与控制体重。

Patented ingredients 专利成分:

a) Core patented ingredient 核心专利成分:

  • Liposuction Cellulose from Japan Matsutani Corporation (FIBERSOL-2 @)日本松谷株式会社吸脂纤维素(FIBERSOL-2 @)
  • American Pharmachem Company White Kidney Bean Amylase (PHASE 28)美国Pharmachem公司白芸豆淀粉酶(PHASE 28)

b) Using high-efficiency spray drying technology 采用高效喷雾干燥技术:

Natural fixed powder enzyme extracted from edible white kidney beans, starch absorption blocking agent从食用白芸豆中萃取的天然定粉酶,淀粉吸收阻断剂。

c) Using molecular sub-structure splitting and recombination technology采用分子结构拆分重组技术:

Water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from corn and Enoki (Flammulina velutipes), namely resistant dextrin从玉米和金针菇中萃取的水溶膳食纤维,即抗性糊湖精 。

Upgraded Version of Prebiotics fruit fiber (You Jian)
A new logo “U-” can be found on the packaging.

Upgraded Version of the 3rd Generation Youjian® is with New Core Ingredient 《Chitin Molecular Peptide》.

Core Ingredient:
Chitin molecular peptide can be found in mushrooms, fungus, cordyceps, algae, shellfish and cartilage. SINO-MHC 3rd Generation Youjian® Chitin Molecular Peptide is extracted from Japan Enoki Mushroom.

Chitin Molecular Peptide Main Function:

  1. Improve human immunity, anti-cancerous, cancer prevention, adsorption of heavy metals and pigments in the human body and have a significant auxiliary effect on the treatment of diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases etc.
  2. Inhibit cancer cell toxins and inhibit cancer cell metastasis.
  3. Prevent fat and cholesterol from being absorbed in the body.
  4. Promote the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids in the liver to form the “enterohepatic circulation” of bile acids, thereby reducing the content of cholesterol in the blood.
  5. Lowering blood pressure. The positive charge of chitin peptide attracts chloride ions and the chloride ions are excreted in the feces, angiotensin is reduced and blood pressure will be kept stable.
  6. Hypoglycemic effect. Chitin peptides can improve the utilization rate of insulin which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of diabetes. In addition, it has the function of regulating the endocrine system, normalizing insulin secretion and inhibiting the rise of blood sugar.
  7. Strengthen liver function. Prevent fatty liver and hepatitis and promote the production of hepatitis virus antibodies. It can improve the efficacy of hepatitis B interferon, promote the production of hepatitis B virus antibodies and help the hepatitis B virus to turn negative.
  8. Can help hangover recovery and prevent alcoholic liver damage.
  9. Reduce the embarrassment of oil leakage.

我们很高兴为大家介绍第三代升级版油减®的新添加成份《几丁分子肽》的解说. 在包装上可以找到一个新的标志“U-”。

几丁质分子肽 – 存在于蘑菇、木耳、冬虫夏草、藻类、贝类、软骨中。国药油减®中的几丁质分子肽是从日本金针菇中萃取。











Question: How long does it take to eat Prebiotic (Youjian) to take effect and get results?

Answer: It varies from person to person
Basically, personal health condition, lifestyles and habits determine the speed and effectiveness.

  •  80% will find smoother bowel movements within one month
  •  80% will lose inches within one month (Detoxing Oil Regularly)
  •  80% will start to lose weight in 3-6 months
  •  80% will improve the overall health of the gastrointestinal system after long-term use

As we aged, we will need longer time and more effort to get results. The main obstacle for sustainability and getting results is because many people is living in the past. They think that their body physique today is the same as 5-10 years ago and they expect the same kind of speed to get results like 5-10 years ago. The answer is almost impossible. Be patience and belief that it going to work is the key to success.

问题:请问 You Jian要吃多久才有效果呢?


  •  80%会在一个月内发现排便更顺畅
  •  80%会在一个月内瘦尺寸(减油的关系)
  •  80%会在3-6个月开始掉体重
  •  80%会在长期使用后改善整体的肠胃系统的健康

随着年龄的增长,我们将需要更长的时间和更多的努力来取得成果。 可持续性和取得成果的主要障碍是因为许多人都活在过去。 他们认为自己今天的体质和5-10年前是一样的。期望以5-10年前同样的速度取得成果。 答案几乎是不可能的。 耐心与百分百相信是成功的关键。

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