What is Premium Red sugar?

Red sugar is also known as black sugar or brown sugar.

Premium Red sugar  is made by the traditional method which retains almost all the beneficial ingredients of sugarcane.

Premium Red Sugar has the features as below:

  • Its sugar bumps shape is similar to soil or flour after being compressed by hand. There is no crystal particles.
  • Cannot maintain a uniform color.
  • After adding water, its sugar water color is more slightly turbid.

Premium Red Sugar is brewed from the raw juice of sugarcane.  It is not refined sugar.

It is normal that its color vary from yellowish brown to deep red due to different sugarcane batches, origins, maturation time or boiling  temperature.

What is General Grade Red sugar?

General Grade Red sugar is made by modern method and it is the residue of white granulated sugar.

It is also known as refined sugar.

It has sweet taste but does not have all the beneficial ingredients of sugarcane.

General Grade Red sugar has the features as below:

  • Its color is similar to Premium Red sugar.
  • The red sugar is in the form of sand when it is twisted by hand, with obvious shiny crystals.
  • After adding water, the sugar water will have residues similar to white sugar, and the sweetness is high, and the sugar water is clear and transparent.