Daily Milk Tea ( Rose Tea)

天天奶茶 (玫瑰花茶)

Ingredient 组成:

Rose, Black sugar &  Dandelion. 玫瑰,黑糖和蒲公英


Tea 20 sachets and rose 20 grams (about 30 roses).


茶包 20 袋 和 玫瑰 20g (大约30 朵玫瑰) 。


-Prevent mastitis and keep milk smooth.

-Soothing the liver and regulating qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and dispelling stagnation, warming the stomach and relieving pain, fading freckle and nourishing skin.



Suitable to 适用于:

-Ladies who are providing breastfeeding  提供母乳喂养的女士

-Ladies who have Irregular menstruation 月经不调的女士

-Ladies who want to have better skin complexion 想要拥有更好肤色的女士

Cautions about drinking this tea:

  • NOT suitable when having colds
  • NOT suitable during menstruation
  • NOT suitable for Children under 13 years old, pregnant women, or severely ill (e.g. cancer patients)
  • NOT suitable for male
  • Non used tea packet ( tea & Rose) need to be kept in refrigerator.


  • 感冒、月经生理期不适合服用。
  • 13岁以下儿童、孕妇或重疾(癌症病人)不适合服用。
  • 男性不适合服用。
  • 未使用过的茶包(茶和玫瑰)需要保存在冰箱中。

Steps to prepare Flower Tea.

Step 1: Boil water to 100 degree Celsius.  Turn off the fire and wait for 10 minutes. This is to cool down the boiled water to 85 degree Celsius.

Step 2: Put one tea sachet and 1 to 2 roses into a cup. Put 85 degree Celsius of 500ml boiled water.

Step 3: Cover the cup and wait for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Enjoy the tea. Can refill hot water if you need to.

Recommended morning one cup and afternoon one cup.

One tea sachet and 1 to 2 rose per cup.



第2步:将一袋茶包和 1到2 朵玫瑰花放入杯子中。放入85摄氏度的500毫升开水。




每杯一袋茶包和 1到2 朵 玫瑰。


Q: Why the tea packet ( tea & Rose) need to be kept in refrigerator?


A: Tea packet ( tea & Rose) need to be kept in refrigerator as Singapore is humid. 由于新加坡潮湿,因此需要将茶包(茶和玫瑰)保存在冰箱中。

Q: Why rose tea become white when it is brewed? Is there any pigment? Dyed?  玫瑰花茶泡出来变白是不是有色素?染色了?

A: This is normal. Rose tea is rich in anthocyanins, a water-soluble natural pigment, and the anthocyanins are sweet. When dissolved in water, the petals will gradually become white. Anthocyanins have many health benefits. Keep in mind that too high water temperature will break the anthocyanins. Do not use hot water that has just been boiled.  这是正常的,玫瑰花茶含有丰富花青素,一种水溶性的天然色素花色甘,溶于水花瓣就是逐渐变白,花青素有很多保健功效,切记水温太高就会破环花青素,不要用刚烧开滚烫的水冲泡。

Q: Why the color of brewed tea change with water? 为什么冲泡茶的颜色会随着水而改变?

A: Different water quality will make tea in different colors. The water quality of mineral water is different from tap water. The anthocyanins in rose tea will appear reddish purple when exposed to acidic water, alkaline water will appear bluish, and neutral water will appear light yellow. 水质不同会泡出不同颜色的茶汤。 矿泉水与自来水的水质不同。玫瑰花茶中的花青素遇酸性水质就会呈现红色紫色,碱性水质就会呈现偏蓝色,中性水质是淡黄色。

Q: Why there area some powder on the rose? 为什么玫瑰上有一些粉末?

A: The powder are pollen that dropped from  half-opened rose flower during the transportation.

粉末是花粉。 在运输过程中粉末是从半开的玫瑰花朵上掉落的花粉.

Q: 大朵玫瑰更好吗? Is larger rose better?

A: Rose crown is not the bigger the better! The value of the rose corolla is not large, but the state of the corolla half-opened (called half-flowered) in full bloom with the highest essential oil content and medicinal value. The best standard size of the corolla is 2.5-3.8cm without leaking flowers, dark purple. If the flower heart leaks out, it is a big flower, the essential oil content is already very low, the nutritional value has been volatilized, and there is no value of the corolla.

Q: The heart of the rose camellia is yellow, is it spoilt? 玫瑰花茶花心发黄,是坏了吗?

A: The rose is picked at 3am to 5 am in the morning. There is dew on the flowers when picking, and the moisture does not evaporate when drying. It is not a quality problem that you can drink it with confidence.