Are you having sensitive nose, frozen shoulder, menses cramps, sweat palm, cold hands, feet or stomach?

Don’t miss the yearly opportunity treatment using San Fu Plaster.

This treatment is an indispensable way to change a person’s COLD body constitution in summer.

When is the treatment?

Treatment period is 5 July to 21 Aug 2024 (upto 5 sessions).

三伏贴 San Fu Tie

How can I book the treatment?

For those who need “San Fu Plaster”, please make an appointment before 30 June 2024 via whatsapp @ 82828647.

How much does it cost?

Upfront payment is $260 (worth $580) for up to 5 sessions.

Items include:

  • Consultation (for San Fu Plaster Treatment) $50/session
  • Plaster (choose 5 to 6 acupoints) $60 / session
  • JIU JI GONG GINGER TEA or RED SUGAR $30 (to strengthen the therapeutic results and improve immunity)


  • 2 sessions (Pre-heat and strengthening) are optional and will be FOC for patient who buy San Fu Herbal Plaster Package
  • Maximum 5 sessions of San Fu Herbal Plaster Treatment
  • San Fu Plaster Treatment to be redeemed from 5 July 2023 to 21 Aug 2024.

San Fu Plaster 2024 Schedule

预热贴 Pre-heat Plaster
05 Jul to 14 July 2024 (optional)

初伏贴 1st Fu Plaster
15 Jul to 24 July 2024

中伏贴 2nd Fu Plaster
25 Jul to 2 Aug 2024

加强贴 Strengthening Plaster (optional)
3 Aug to 13 Aug 2024

三伏贴 3rd Fu Plaster
14 Aug to 21 Aug 2024

Note: Each plaster need to be at least 7 days apart.

San Fu Tie

What is San Fu Plaster Treatment?

San Fu Plaster treatment is an “once a year event”, and it is recommended to take for 3 years continuously.

This treatment is an indispensable way to change a person’s COLD body constitution in summer.  “San Fu” days are indicated in Chinese calendar. These are the hottest days of the year, and also the period of human has most positive energy YANG in the body of the year.

Singapore’s climate is quite uniform with high temperature and humidity throughout the year due to its geographical location. However if looking at the climate and weather report graph of Singapore, we could see JULY is the month with least rainfall and warmer compare to November, December and January of the year.  

The TCM theory of this treatment is to take advantage of the hot climate in summer, when there are abundant positive energy YANG in the human body, and plenty of Qi and blood in the meridians, apply a special formulated, warm and hot TCM herbal medicine to the specific acupoints. It accelerates the circulation of Qi and blood, and drives the cold and dampness out of the body. It plays a role of reducing the negative energy YIN and strengthening the positive energy YANG, to make a person with COLD body constitution to be more balanced, and enhance a person’s body immunity.  

San Fu Plaster treatment is originated from the Qing dynasty in China. It has been widely used in China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also oversea countries like Canada, Singapore etc.

In Singapore:

SG Video 2 

In Canada :

In China:

In Hong Kong:

WHO needs San Fu Plaster treatment?

The treatment is suitable for both children and adults with any of the following issues.

Respiratory system related issues:

  • Asthma 哮喘;
  • Chronic bronchitis,慢性支气管炎;
  • Allergic rhinitis (I.e. sensitive nose),过敏性鼻炎;
  • Chronic tonsillitis 慢性扁桃体炎;
  • Recurrent colds / upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) 反复感冒 / 上呼吸道感染;

Digestive system related issues:

  • Chronic gastritis慢性胃炎;
  • Sensitive stomach脾胃虚寒类疾病.
  • Chronic colitis 慢性结肠炎;

Pain related issues:

  • Rheumatism and rheumatism-like arthritis风湿与类风湿性关节炎;
  • Frozen shoulder肩周炎;
  • Cervical spondylosis 颈椎病;
  • Back and leg pain腰腿痛;


  • Uterus cold / menstruation cramp女子宫寒 / 痛经;
  • Cold hands and feet 手足发凉;
  • Coldintolerance / hyperhidrosis 怕冷 / 多汗

WHO is NOT suitable for San Fu Plaster treatment?

  • Patients are having diseases that are linked to body “heat constitution” .
  • Patients who have sensitive skin to the herbs / plaster used.
  • Patients having diseases with severe cardiopulmonary dysfunction.
  • Patients wearing a pacemaker.
  • Pregnant women / Children < 2 years old.
    孕妇 / 2岁以下儿童;
  • Women duringmenstrual period.

Precautions of San Fu Tie treatment:

To remove the plaster after 2 hours for children, and 4 hours for adult.

Minimize movement to prevent plaster from dropping off too early due to perspiration.

Removed plaster as advised. DO NOT prolong the duration.

Avoid cold food and drinks during the treatment.

Take bathe / shower at least 2 hours after removing the plaster.

Dry hair immediately if need to wash hair during shower.

Avoid catching cold. No direct blowing from the aircon or fan.

Do Not worry if the skin under plaster turns slightly red, hot or gets some irritated sensation.
It is the expected reaction from this treatment.

Herbal formula has been tested on both children and adult clinically.
Please remove as instructed.
It will not cause blister usually.
配方已经过儿童和 大人亲身临床试验,请按照建议的时间拿掉穴位贴,通常贴敷部位的皮肤不会起水泡。

For individuals with severe cold and dampness body constitution, or who delay in removing the plasters,
blisters may appear on the skin. In case it happens, please contact the clinic.