TCM Back care treatment is suitable for people who:

  • Multitask
  • Hunch their back while pumping
  • Carry baby for long period of time
  • Slouch/less exercise
  • Injured
  • Improper lifting
TCM Back Care Treatment

Benefits 功效 :

  • Relieve soft tissue and muscle tension, and repair of damaged tissues. 缓解肌肉及软组织的紧张与僵硬,促进修复从而达到治疗目的。
  • Clear blockages of meridians and improves the Qi and Blood circulation of the body. 活血祛瘀,改善气血循环。

More info 更多资讯:

  • Therapeutic massage will be done by EMMA as well as manual acupressure. 治疗性按摩将由 推拿机器人(EMMA) 以及手动推拿完成。
  • With the help of new technology, therapeutic oil is able to penetrate 6-12mm deep into the targeted area, to better relieve soft tissue and muscle tension of that area. 托科技的进展,让我们能把治疗药油通过皮肤,渗透至6-12mm,以更好的修复与缓解肌肉及软组织的损伤,更好的达到治疗效果。

How to book an appointment?

Whatsapp us @8282 8647 to book an appointment for TCM Back Care Treatment.