TCM Facial Gua Sha + Acupuncture/ Acupressure + Herbal Face Mask

Service Overview

Flower Moon Facial Gua Sha with Acupuncture or Acupressure for Facial Beautification is a service started upon patients’ requests.

Different blockage points on the face reflects issues from different organs. In order to have a better view of your body condition for a customized treatment for each individual, the whole treatment is performed by our TCM physicians from consultation to herbal mask selection and application.  

It is joyful to be a mum, but it has never been easy to be a good mum, especially for a breastfeeding mum. Insufficient sleep, hormone changes and anxiety all contribute to a less radiant or premature facial skin.  

How to regain your radiance and be a healthy and refreshing mum?

This TCM facial treatment helps clear meridian blockage, improve facial muscle tone through stimulating Qi and blood circulation. The herbal mask and massage oil are carefully selected and tested by our TCM physicians to ensure it is safe for breastfeeding.

Service Details

The physician will conduct a TCM consultation with you at the start of the session. It helps you understand your body better and learn how to improve your condition.

Acupuncture will be done with painless facial needles, which are much thinner and shorter than usual acupuncture needles. If you are a person who does not feel comfortable with needles, acupressure on the specific meridian points will be replaced. Then followed by Facial Gua Sha (scraping) with edible rose oil, and a customized TCM herbal mask.

Service Audience

All ladies from 28 to 82 years old, who love yourself and your loved ones. 


  • Improve skin firmness
  • Brighten up facial complexion
  • Lighten pigmentation through balancing overall health
  • Reduce premature skin aging
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Contour Jawline and cheekbones
  • Reduce puffiness, eye bags and dark eye circles
  • Relieves headaches and tension
  • Improve quality of sleep

Service Duration

90 minutes

Terms and conditions

The treatment course includes:
a)1 TCM Consultation
b)1 Facial Acupuncture / acupressure
c)1 Facial Gua Sha with edible rose oil
d)1 TCM Herbal Face Mask

Additional charges will be applied if house call is needed.
All services are by appointments only.

Please Whatsapp 8282 8647 to fix an appointment.


  1. What is Gua Sha?

    Gua sha is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
    “Gua means ‘scrape’ and Sha means ‘petechiae’ (tiny, flat red, purple spots) in Chinese,” says Dr. Ervina Wu, PhD, L.Ac., and the co-founder of YINA.
    According to the principle of TCM, your Qi or energy must be balanced and flowing freely in your body to ensure your health and well being.
    When Qi becomes stagnant in certain areas, it is believed that health problems can occur. Each part of the face has a distinct “Qi point” or relationship to the internal organs.
    Gua Sha works deeper into the layers beneath the skin than traditional facial treatments, clearing meridian blockages, improving Qi and blood circulation, draining toxins from the body, improving muscle tone, reducing water retention and puffiness, and removing internal heat.

  2. Is facial acupuncture painful?

    Patients feedback that the pain from facial acupuncture is like mosquito’s bite and some people feel almost no pain.